It is correspondence of the four seasons that I have to think about in living in Japan.

Natural materials to be reviewed by making houses
Natural materials to be reviewed by making houses

Underground living is easy to manage temperature and resistant to earthquakes

Natural materials to be reviewed by making houses
In a Japanese residence, we must consider the correspondence of the four seasons. In the past, it was built with a focus on the summer. It is said that it was quite cold in winter even though we could spend the spring, summer and autumn as it is. Now there are more ways to build air conditioning by electricity. It is considered how to cool the air cooled or warmed by the electricity to the outside air. Depending on electricity, you may be in trouble when you can not get electricity.

There are not many cellars to make, but there are some merits. One of them is easy to control the temperature. In the four seasons there is a difference as close as 30 degrees in the summer and from 10 degrees in the winter to 0 degrees in the winter. Spring and autumn become easy to spend around 15 degrees to 20 degrees. In the case of the basement it is also in the soil and the temperature is assumed to be constant at around 15 degrees. It gets cool in summer and warm space in winter.

Japan is also known as a country with many earthquakes. There are problems such as the collapse of houses when an earthquake comes. The basement is said to be less susceptible to earthquakes. Even if the ground sways, the basement itself becomes hard to shake. It will be affected if a fault can be made in the vicinity of home, but it does not necessarily receive it. You can keep a place to live even after the earthquake.

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